almost there! I’m so close
I can taste it. that sweet sweet
milestone that I made up
to make myself feel accomplished
that will immediately be replaced
by a new milestone (200!)
as soon as this is posted, because
I had ninety-nine
poems “published” (on Facebook)
this year and this one
will be #100.

(though several
have since been taken off-line
by me
due to embarrassment, feeling like
they’re too mean, or not good enough
or all three. do those
really count?
should I make them visible again
even though I don’t really still
subscribe to their beliefs
or stand by all of their

last year I wrote nine, which was
eight more than I wrote
the year before. now, eleven times
that! the symmetry of these
meaningless numbers pleases

the sky’s the limit! that is,
as long as I don’t decide to rest
on my sweet sweet

duty & obligation

I’m stopping this
madness. look, the last thing
I want is for you
to feel obligated. I know
I’ve been putting a lot
of pressure on you
to give me back
that pesky trinket
I keep forcing on you, but
never mind. obeying the letter
of the law is utterly meaningless
without the spirit
behind it, and even a gift
freely given is not truly a present
if it comes with a million
strings attached. it’s okay.
I’ll just buy another

to look at

you wouldn’t think
that we are doing anything
to look at. we sit
across from each other but
we’re both on our phones.
we’re not on Facebook
or Twitter
or Instagram
or OkCupid. instead
we’re writing poetry.
we’re ranging far and wide
in our minds, thinking about
the past, the present
and the future, all at once;
we’re communing with the world so subtly that
it’s invisible to the naked
eye and the open
ear. I know
that whatever you’re writing,
I’ll get to read it
eventually. and you know
the same. whether or not
you feel the same way about it
I do not know, but I enjoy
the secret knowledge
that what’s in your head
will come out, and that anyone who thinks
they know what we are doing
is wrong.