“what are you thinking?” my mother
used to ask me, whenever
we were alone and I was quiet
for more than ten minutes. I can
never remember now what I
actually was thinking, because
as soon as she said it, my mind
always went blank, wiped clean
like a blackboard, like a kill switch
on a computer, erasing all
the data instantly, just
so I could say “nothing”
and have it be true
in that moment, so that
part of me could believe it,
because that’s the only way
people with glass faces
can tell lies.

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how you really feel

him: we’re not dating.
me: tell
me how you really feel.
him: I don’t like you
that way.
me: tell me
how you really feel.
him: you’ll thank me
for this later.
me: tell me how
you really feel.
him: I’m not over
my ex.
me: tell me how you
really feel.
him: you’re boy crazy.
me: tell me how you really
him: I don’t miss you, I
don’t need you, I don’t
love you.
me: okay you can stop
telling me now.

this weather

this awful weather, I know it.
cold and soon to be
hot again, I hope. that
kind of thing makes
everyone sick. it’s
unseasonable, unreasonable
and all-around bs.

I myself
have been a bit sniffly lately
and not just because
of all the crying I did the
day before yesterday
when I was so very
lost and couldn’t find
my bearings. I had to have
therapy a whole day early
because I was extremely
anxious and didn’t know
what to do with myself.

I feel better now, though
physically worse. I’ll take
a cold any day over bad
weather in my head. sometimes
the spirit is willing but the body
is oh so weak. these fragile
human vessels that house
our souls sometimes succumb
to a passing storm or a bug
too tiny to see. such a small thing
to bring us down so low.

cherry bomb girl

some lady outside Sidewalk
just called me the cherry bomb girl,
and I’m not sure what that means
other than an obvious reference
to the bomber jacket I am wearing
covered with red cherries and green leaves,
white flowers with brown stems.
I presume a cherry bomb girl
is half pinup girl, half rockabilly.
she smokes cigarettes and wears Doc
Martens, and I’m halfway
there but to be honest
I don’t quite have the eye makeup,
let alone the spoons
to fully pull her off

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