in the audience

as I watched your set,
I could feel
how my face and eyes and heart and soul
were lit up from within
by how very much
I love you, how much
I need and want you
and I felt that anyone
who glanced at me
even for a moment
would see everything
written on my countenance
because – as I’ve been told
so many times –
I have a glass face. I was glowing
like a candle, like a miniature sun,
quietly burning away
in my little corner of your life.
you might not have seen it –
and I cannot blame you in the slightest,
being that you were pretty busy
expressing your own wonderful art –
but I felt myself shining
like a lighthouse
in the fog. If you’re ever lost
in the dark, I hope you’ll let me
guide your way home
and that I can be that refuge,
that steady burning heartfire
of warmth and light
for you to reheat
your dormant passions
and reignite the pilot light
on the stove within your chest.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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