mea culpa 2.0

you asked for one thing.
I had a distinct sinking
feeling that I couldn’t
give it to you,
not because
I didn’t want to
but because I
didn’t know how.

I tried so hard; I drove
myself half crazy
trying and trying
to deliver on your request
but in the end sadly
it turned out
that I was right. I knew
what I didn’t know.
but now I think I
may have taught myself
a thing or two
about that thing you wanted me
to do for you.

please accept
my heartfelt apologies,
my most abject
prostration, and
this rain check,
and do let me know
if you’d like to schedule
an appointment for me
to assist your hara-kiri
at your earliest convenience.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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