our kids

if we had children, they
would be geniuses.
this much is quite apparent
to me. any child of my loins
would already be
blessed by my most
excellent genes – maybe a little
bipolar, slight chance of being
a raging alcoholic, and
almost certainly have ADD – but!
she would be smart enough and deep enough
to handle those minor
issues and use her problems
as raw material to
become an artist.
not better than me,
of course,
but she could thrive
quite comfortably
in my shadow.

and you! you’re not too shabby
yourself. you’ve got a first-class
brain, a selfless and noble heart,
and eyes that are pretty
cute, the way they
twinkle when you smile.

yes, our children would be
a true boon and blessing
to all humankind.
it’s too bad
that I have no desire
to throw away
18+ years of my life raising one,
(let alone more)
and you presumably
have no desire to father one
on me.

posterity will have to settle
for our brilliant art,
hilarious jokes and
exciting personalities.
such a shame about that.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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