pleasures of the flesh

I love seeing you
enjoy yourself.
that sound you made
when you bit into that
(Entenmann’s, chocolate-covered,
ever-so-slightly stale) donut?
it warmed the very cockles
of my heart. (it also tingled
somewhere a little further
down below, but that’s neither
here nor there.) I don’t care
that it’s not entirely
healthy. everyone should be
allowed to participate fully
in the pleasures of the flesh.

(if only
there were another
such pleasure
that we could both
indulge in, one that didn’t
increase our waistlines.)

mmm. I’m sure
we’ll think of something.
maybe work our way through
the seven deadly sins. or
if you’re feeling Puritan,
we could always try virtues

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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