big bee

there’s a solitary bee
who likes to visit me
sometimes. a big fat buzzy
bumble of a bee who looks
like he shouldn’t be
alone, he looks like he’s lost
his hive and his friends and
I wonder where he lives, where
he goes and what he does
when he’s not stopping by
to check out my terrace
and drive my cats
crazy with his slow drone
and deliberate hovering.

I also can’t help but wonder
why he even comes here
to my high aerie.
I have no flowers for him to pollinate,
no plant life beyond
my perennial herbs that I
sometimes use
for cooking. so what’s
in it for him
up here? is he just
fond of me?
is he saying “what’s
up lady, how
have you been?” is he
telling the good ol’ drones
back at the hive about these
little trips –
are they all laughing
at how I don’t wake up
until noon if I can help it –
or could he perhaps
love me in his clumsy,
bumbling way?

maybe one day I’ll learn
the true rationale
behind his visits.
until then I
merely smile and say,
“hello big bee,
how nice to see you

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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