anticipation & satisfaction

people who don’t care that much
about food
don’t know what it feels like.
to look forward so sweetly
to a certain dish
all day and then to be able to
satisfy that craving
is deeply enjoyable.
sometimes other things
get sacrificed for that goal –
like sleep, or having a waistline –
but it is often
worth it. that dinner I
woke up wanting, that crunchy,
buttery garlic bread, that
toothsome pasta dish, that
pastrami on rye, that tooth-achingly sweet,
hot molten lava cake, whatever it is,
lay it on me, but only after
I’ve thoroughly savored that sweet

the only other thing that comes close
is when love is finally requited
after months of waiting.
but those moments
are few and far between. in the
meantime… you gonna finish that?

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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