Open Mic Life

hey, it’s totally fine and cool, whatever
that you left before
the bitter end. and
I don’t blame you
in the slightest for wanting to
avoid the awkwardness
that lay before you
had you stayed. I was not
looking forward
to night’s end either, and I think
we both know why. our friend Bobby
is awfully persistent.

I do have three regrets. only
two of which
are relevant:

I’m sorry that I was outside, around
the corner, deep in
conversation with my girl friend,
when you made your
goodbye and getaway.

I’m even sorrier
that I was late and so I missed
your set. how’d it go? tell me

and finally,
I was wondering…
did you happen
to catch mine?

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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