to the biter

who’s biting who now, sirrah?
I realize
you have your quota – which
is more stringent than mine
because you’re doing your
days of the month scheme, and I’m
able to settle for a mere
two or three per day –
but I invented the
“I was falling asleep
when I wrote that”
excuse. I’ve been using it since
grade school. I should warn you
it doesn’t work
very well. I got little sympathy,
but I’m pretty sure I didn’t
deserve it anyway.

hey, I understand. you just
needed it more than I did.
I probably wasn’t
going to use it
anyway. I’ll save it for
an emergency, like the next time
I’m trying to break even
and attain a nice
round number.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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