to the lesbians making out across from me

I’m glad
that you’re here. I’m even gladder
that certain people
of my acquaintance
are not. they might well
write a song about you
which would objectify you
and make your healthy sexuality
into a spectacle for their delectation
when it’s nobody’s business
but yours.

that said, I really like
how you look like
real lesbians, comfortable with
yourselves and each other and
public displays of affection,
and I like how you kiss like
real lesbians, not like two girls
who aren’t really attracted to each other
but are getting paid big bucks
to ritually titillate men by half-assedly making out.

you’re not plucked and
made up to within an
inch of your lives,
toned and tanned
and fake-nailed etc.
(not that I judge the women
that have made that choice
to survive under the patriarchy.)
it’s just refreshing to see two ladies
who are so obviously
in love.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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