the window

it’s been open
for some time now.
we both know it.

but. just so you know,
it won’t be

your five year plan
is about four years too long
for me. life’s too short
to wait that long
to be happy.

I’m starting to
believe that I deserve
to be happy. not for
nothing, but you do
too. neither of us
is the worst. why
are we punishing ourselves?

I feel in my heart
that we could be happy
together. I know
feelings aren’t facts,
but I’d rather try
and love each other while
we’re both still alive
than forever wonder
what could have been.

let’s not
stall and dither
and let the feeling die
and wither on the vine.
let’s drink our wine
and get while the getting’s
good. and if not,
please get

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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