a speedy getaway

I couldn’t help
myself, I had to make
a quick exit. I knew
at some point I would
be asked to leave, and
given the circumstances, that
it would probably be sooner
rather than later, so
I couldn’t bear to linger.
the last thing I want to do
with you is to overstay
my welcome, so I ran
away before anyone had a chance
to tell me to go,
with a precipitous haste
that possibly may have seemed
somewhat unseemly.

I’m sorry if it came across
as rude. it was not that I
disdained your company, more like
I felt too vulnerable to
stay a second longer. like a
naked crab, I flagrantly fled
back to my sheltering shell.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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