your labyrinth of manly things

does it smell like
gym socks and the acrid tang
of manly sweat? and what
does it look like?
does it have a pullup bar
and a wet bar, or all the platforms
for playing video games?
a pool table, or a poster
of Megan Fox, or Scarlett
Johansson? an electric
guitar, and all the pedals?
some nun-chuks, or maybe a
samurai sword? a bong, or
three? comic books? or all
of the above?

is it a place
where you go to get away
from all those pesky females
with their inscrutable minds
and inaccessible bodies?

do you hide away in your cave,
your self-imposed cage,
and think about life?

does it

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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