the toy

I’m just a toy
you took out
because you were bored
and dissatisfied with your life,
and now your present
has come back to haunt you
the way we both
knew that it would.

so now you
must put me back
in the box. I’m no
Velveteen Rabbit;
my fur is barely even worn.
my eyes are still black
and shiny buttons,
my whiskers are

and here is the sad part:
you say you didn’t mean to do
exactly what you
actually did.
you say you’re not
the kind of person
who does things
like this. but
I’m here to tell you
that it doesn’t matter
what you meant. there’s a
reason for the expression
about actions and how
they speak louder
than words.

but don’t worry. toys
don’t have feelings.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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