the famous feud

I can’t believe your parents
never told you about the
infamous feud
between the Dan
and the Eagles. the latter
put that line in their worst,
most famous song
about stabbing
with steely knives
but not being able to kill
the beast, after the former
thoroughly trashed them
in the press. the Dan then
returned the rather dubious favor
by casually insulting the latter
in a song about a cheating wife
and a man who wants to hear
all the details, but tells her
to turn up the Eagles, the
neighbors are listening.

I suppose, given what
you told me about your parental
allegiances, it does make
a kind of sense. one
likes the one and the other
likes the other, and if they revealed
that their two musical heroes
hated each other, it might imply
that you had to take sides.
for that I respect them.
my parents loved both bands,
apparently more than they loved
each other.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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