the necessary evil of refueling

you eat like a beast
that has forgotten it’s
a man. you snuffle and choke
down your food so fast –
I’ve seen feral dogs
that don’t know
where their next meal
is coming from
eat less frantically – you
can’t possibly be
enjoying it.

I don’t know
where you learned it but
here and now,
there is food a plenty
and time enough
to eat it properly.
you don’t need
to hurt yourself
by scarfing your sustenance.

I understand; our conversation
is so vital and fascinating
that it’s tedious to wait
for the necessary evil
of refueling our bodies.
but please, for both our sakes,
slow down.

I’ve never had to give
the Heimlich. in theory
I know how, but
I don’t trust myself
to get it right
the first time, and
I really don’t want to lose you
to a lowly stromboli.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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