low ebb

it’s just this: I’m too tired
to care about all the things
I should be worrying about
and too tired to care
that I don’t care. you may ask
how on earth am I so tired
when I slept for ten hours
last night and eleven hours
the night before that, and today’s
exertions were so minor
they barely even registered
a blip on the exercise meter.
probably I’m overtired
from sleeping too much
and not doing enough.
whatever! all I know is that
I’m at a low ebb of my energy,
my mood, and my body is done
being awake. I’d give anything
to be sleeping and/or not feel
so fucking tired.
kill me now or put me to bed,
whichever is quicker.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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