the pillow book of Elizabeth the First

the plants do not
abandon the earth
with the absence
of the sun. they
merely wait patiently
for the next season
to flourish again.

as the second child
of a capricious father,
I learned from my mother’s fate
not to depend on the
kindness of kings.

I crave power
above all, and to submit
to the rule of a man
is anathema to me.
that is why, even when
you’re right, I will
never admit it.

though winter may yet dull
the embers of my fiery
mind, the struggle
continues. to be me,
to know myself
and through knowing,
stately rule.

I shall never marry. but
those who wish to court me
may do so, at their peril.

though my
more adventurous friends
be far from the palace,
I often think of them
fondly, and in my heart
of hearts, long for news
of their journeys.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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