in which the planets explain why you’re so fucked up

blame Mars in Pisces
for why you can never
make a move. all your fire
is drowning in water:
all your get-up-and-go
has to sit around processing
its feelings before it can
do anything.

blame Venus and Mars
conjunct in Virgo for why
you are so picky about
your lovers, and for why
you so often confuse
friendship with love.
Mars hates being tied down
with all that attention to detail.
it wants to run off half-cocked,
but Virgo wants to analyze
your every move.

blame Libra rising for why
you want to make
everyone else happy
and put yourself last.
try turning some of that
exquisite care towards yourself –
it might make you more
satisfied in the long run.

blame Moon in Sagittarius
for why you always run off
without thinking. your instincts
tell you to go, go, go;
you listen, and you
often do things
you later regret. saying
sorry doesn’t put that plate
back together.

in short, blame your stars:
those who do not understand
astrology are doomed
to be slaves to them.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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