the crack, and the child

who put the crack
in the window at the side
of Sidewalk Café? were they
drunk and disorderly, lost
and confused, or just
having a bad day? and why
does it bother me
so very much? is it
a reminder that everything
I love is fragile and can
be shattered far too

there was a small child
at the rock show tonight
and even though
he seemed to be okay,
part of me worried
about him and his hearing
even though he was wearing
large earphones. why
does that bother me?
his mother was there, and
his father was on stage,
he had some liquid in
a sippy cup and he was being
taken care of. but some
part of me felt nervous
and like maybe he wasn’t
really okay. maybe it’s because
I was not okay myself
as a child, and no one
seemed to care. now I know
that no one knew.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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