false alarm

last night I was outside
the regular haunt,
in the doorway, smoking, when
I saw someone come around
the corner, see me,
and promptly turn around
to go back
from whence he came.
I didn’t see
his face, so I was
briefly confused, until
a minute later you
came back, breezed right
by me and went to talk to
some people who
have yet to learn
how much of a snake
you really are.

as if
I would have given you
the time of day

I am not going to say
that I’ve never thought twice
about whether I’m ready
to face the world.
I’ve kept my earbuds in
way too long
not to recognize that impulse
to abort mission
upon seeing certain people
when I least expect them.

but if you think I would
piss on you
if you were on fire,
you’ve got another think

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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