to my friend who has been ignoring me for 30 days now

at first I was confused
by your behavior. I thought
maybe it was because
I had sent you some music
and you hadn’t had a chance
to listen to it yet. that’s
the kind of reason I avoid
people with whom
I have no real beef but the way
they remind me of
my own failings.

but then
I saw your post
about how you hadn’t had
a cigarette in thirty days,
and suddenly it all
made sense. you always used
to bum smokes
from me. it makes
a weird kind of sense
that you would associate
me with smoking
and hence not want
to pay too much
attention to me now.

I hope someday
we can be friends again
when I no longer seem
quite so much like
the manifestation
of your demons,

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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