let me at her. I’ll
scratch her eyes
out! I love all women,
except this one, who is clearly
a megabitch. she must be
perfect in every way
and therefore phony
as the day is long.

I bet
she’s eight feet tall
with feet that somehow
don’t look like skis.
I bet she naturally
has a double row
of eyelashes
like Liz Taylor. I bet she
rolls out of bed looking
adorably rumpled
and her farts smell like
fresh-baked cookies.

she’s disgustingly gorgeous
without even trying
and she never throws up
in public. she must be a
superhuman supermodel.
I hate her perfect,
perfect guts.

more proof
that she’s too good
for this world? she seduced
and then rejected
you. so now
she’ll have you
panting after her

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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