be with me
and be my love, love me
with all your might
in the few hours
we have left
before you leave.
come and love
me like there’s no
tomorrow, come
prove there is
no distance that can
break us, there is no
darkness that can quench
our light. come and let
the memories we make tonight
be my candle against
the long dark days
to come, when
we’re apart. come
into me and warm me,
come gently and hold me,
do whatever you want but just


I’ve never seen anyone
clean a plate like you.
you are the King
of the Clean Plate Club.
it’s utterly adorable, how you
pick up every speck
with your fingertips and lick them.

and yet
when I order food and then
go outside to smoke
and get caught
in a fascinating conversation
for fifteen minutes or an hour,
and you’re left sitting
in front of a plate of food
that’s not yours,
you don’t touch it.
you message me
to tell me my food is there
and sometimes I get it
and come back in.

we’re so lucky that our tastes
in food are the exact opposite.
I haven’t really tested your patience yet.