the call

it was an accident, I’m so sure.
how many times
have my friends accidentally
voice/video called me
from messenger in the middle
of chatting? happens
all the time. I’ve done it myself;
that call button is so very
easy to hit.

but usually I hang up
before the other person even
has a chance to answer.
and if someone I’m chatting with
calls me, I don’t pick up. people agree
in text first before they
talk on the phone
these days,
let alone video chat. so, knowing
it’s most likely a mistake, I’ll
normally hit decline
and resume my
text-based conversation.

not this time.
I answered. we were both shocked
that it even connected.

our video chat lasted
less than a minute
(54 seconds, to be exact – but
who’s counting)
but it was so nice to hear
your voice and
see your face,
even if I was forced to
alternate between them
because my phone and video chat
don’t seem simpatico,
at least doing it via messenger –
someone screwed up somewhere,
I think. or I need to read
the help.

but anyway. it means
a random accident,
a finger slip.
but. for what
it’s worth, I’m glad
you rang, and gladder still
I answered.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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