I’m so sorry to inform you
that love did not get renewed
for a second season.
my heart has been canceled.
it wasn’t testing well
with audiences,
especially the one person
to whom it was floated.
Mr. Neilsen said no; it was a hard pass
by the head of the network.

it remains to be seen
whether there is a market
for my nonsense.
perhaps a reboot
ten years from now
would perform better
in the target demographic
of crazy cat ladies
and the men that love them.

I know this might not be kosher, but
I’d still love to see
the show come back to life.
if you happen to know anyone
who might be interested
in a romantic comedy that’s
heavy on the comedy,
light on the romance,
maybe you could
give him my number.
if you don’t want it, there must be
someone out there who does.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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