I adore the vibe so far.
don’t get me wrong,
I truly, madly, deeply enjoy
your company and our meeting
of the minds. there’s
not a doubt in mine
that we’re doing great work here,
both separately
and together. my only note
is that I would just like to add
a bit more of our bodies
into the mix.

I’m feeling a certain
need to know – as if
I was on a need-to-know basis before
and now that very need
has come to pass –
a kind of hunger to learn
the precise texture of
your skin beneath my fingertips,
to know what your mouth
tastes like, to test
if this chemistry I sense
is real, because I’m corporeal
and alive, damn it –
all my protestations to the contrary –
and my body is making its
presence known; because
spring has sprung and I feel
the sap rising in my blood
like water inexorably coming to a rolling boil
and it makes me want to touch
and be touched like
nobody’s business, it makes me
want to spawn wildly like
salmon who are about to die and
must out-jump winter-lean, hungry bears
just for the chance
to pass on their legacy.

all this spring business
feels urgent and primal and wild
and on one level it is
but please note
that I’m every bit as scared as you are, so
there’s really no rush. any motion
down the path is better than
standing still. we can go as slow
as you like: hand-holding here
or there, a kiss
goodnight, some
acknowledgment that I’m
not crazy and there actually
is romance here,
is all I ask.

(even the tiniest progress will be used
in service of that exquisite Promethean torment
from which I wring my poetry.)

so if we could possibly make
this slight adjustment,
just a minor course correction really,
I’d love to renew our romance.
have your people call my people
if you think it has legs.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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