do you know
the myth of Proteus?
he was battling
some dude in ancient Greece –
maybe it was Zeus –
and they both shape shifted
constantly, each trying to overcome
the other’s defenses.
one became a snake,
the other became a hawk,
one became a wolf,
the other a bear,
one became water,
the other a bucket.
(or maybe that’s the Wonder Twins.
same same, no difference.)
also Taliesin with the salmon
and falcon and anyway
this is like us. you change
to get away from my
stranglehold and I change
to find a new one. this battle
could go on forever but eventually
I will win. I will find a shape
you can’t resist
if it takes the rest of my
lifetime. you might as well
give in now, because I
don’t know how
to quit.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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