the cage 2.7

as the bigger animal
you must be able
to detect
how my heart flings itself
like a finch, near
suicidal with fear
against the curves of my
when I’m near you.

if not, you might not understand
my extreme caution
and timidity. it doesn’t matter
that I’m not your usual prey,
you could hurt me
or kill me
without even meaning to.

so if I sometimes attack you
and you were innocent,
I’m sorry. it’s just the terrified
aggression of the weaker animal
when it feels cornered
and is trying to make a stand
for its life. I will need patience
and repeated displays of mercy
and kindness
until it really sinks into my bones
that you’re safe.

you are safe, right?
you don’t mean me any harm?
how can I be sure?

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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