you don’t understand. when I said
I loved your t-shirt
with the cartoon of Taz on the front,
what I loved about it was seeing it
on you. it was your wearing of it
that made it adorable. in and of
itself, it’s just an elderly, faded, silly
piece of cloth.

that is why,
while I appreciate your gesture
in leaving it in the closet
when you moved out
your stuff, I must sadly
give it back. I will never
wear it, because I can’t see
the ridiculous graphic
on myself, and seeing it hanging dead
in the closet just makes
me remember a time
when I smiled to see you
with pure affection, like a child
that is someone else’s

so please, take back your Taz.
he deserves to be
happy too.

Published by

R. Brookes McKenzie

what fresh hell is this

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