to Diablo, who has recently died

just when I thought
the tide of grief was receding, it
rushes in again. fuck. you
know how much I loved you, right?
please tell me you did. I couldn’t
bear it if I thought you died
not knowing.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t much use
to you at the end. I learned
something about myself and how
I’m really not much good with
the dying. you were a great little
guy, with a huge heart. everyone
who ever knew you
loved you. you tried to go home
with every delivery guy.

you were often naughty, and
that made you wonderful. you
were more like a dog
then a cat, which I must admit
I often found annoying. but you
were so smart, and so human;
I swear you understood
every word I said.

you chose me
that day 15 years ago, and
I never regretted it.

I hope you come back to me
when you’re ready.

the raelynx

my fur is red
as a flame, my claws
can cut you to ribbons
without even trying – let alone
my razor-sharp teeth.
my wild, wide green eyes
fascinate my prey
for the few short moments
before its death.
the unearthly sound
of my howl terrifies
anyone and anything
in hearing distance.

and yet, if I love you,
if you are found worthy,
I’ll sit by your side
tame as a housecat
and purr. pet my
silky fur, feel
my deep rumbling growl
and know that
I can defend you
better than several
armed humans can.
surely you’ll want
to stay in my
good graces.

the bull show

for eighty years
they have been putting it on:
showing their bulls
and presumably cleaning up
their shit. this year
the grandsons – and maybe -daughters –
of the farmers who showed
their bulls at the very first
bull show will compete,
probably showing
the great great great grandchildren
of the bulls that
won the first one.

Angus, Charolais, Gelbvieh,
Simmental, and Hereford are
some of the breeds they will
be selling. such exotic names
for a most domestic animal.
afterwards the buyers and sellers
will have a dinner at the
Williams Lake Curling Club.
I wonder if any feuds occur
over a hotly disputed prize-winning animal
lost in a bidding war,
or if everyone is
the best of friends.

this all sounds very exciting,
if one is even remotely interested
in bulls. I guess they need
something to do up there
in the middle of nowhere,
British Columbia. we can’t all
be lucky enough to live
the open mic life
here in NYC.