the sticker

I’m so glad
I never got around
to putting your sticker –
your very popular, instantly
recognizable, well known sticker –
on any of my instruments or
other possessions. after the
falling out we had – entirely
due to your reprehensible actions,
I might add – looking at it would
make me sick. you said
you did what you did
to me and not other people
because I would forgive you
right away, and other people might
hold a grudge. boy, you were wrong
about that. I will hold this grudge
till the end of the world
and beyond, just to prove
you wrong. fuck you, and fuck
your stupid sticker.


yes, I’m still mad
about the cupcake incident.
it’s extremely stupid and yet
it was very rude and
upsetting. who would have thunk
a sweet little thing like that
could cause so much harm,
and make things so awful
that I wish you would disappear
from the scene forever? so
do me a favor, would you, and
stay away?

no. it’s no use. if you
were the kind of person
who respected others,
you wouldn’t have done that thing
with the fucking cupcake
to begin with.