hate the art, like the artist

it’s not you, it’s me. I really
can’t stand your art. I’m sorry
because you seem fine
enough, when you talk
you turn into a real person;
still almost insufferably cute
and cutesy, but you appear
to be a human being
with thoughts and feelings.

when you sing you become
a China doll, an automaton
who never reaches
below the surface. you sing like
you’ve never screamed,
you’ve never ugly cried,
you’ve never been eaten your weight
in Doritos.

I’m just saying
your art would be so much better
if you were willing to let yourself
be real.


did you know
that there’s more to singing
than just blasting out
your full volume
like a fucking airhorn?
there’s a little thing
called subtlety.
look it up. also
maybe try watching
your pitch. the
only thing worse
than oversinging
is oversinging
while flat. this has
been a PSA from
my ears.